Industry organisation and materials company

Svensk Ensilageplast Retur is a non-profit industry association for manufacturers, importers and retailers of silage film, plastic bags, cultivation foil and the like. This association works through its materials company for an environmentally adapted and flexible recycling solution for farmers, growers and horse owners and others. Such a voluntary solution may mean that agriculture avoids future legislation. The operational part of the business is managed by Svensk Ensilageplast Retur AB (SvepRetur). It is a material company of a similar type that exists for glass, newspapers and other return material.

SvepRetur is run completely without profit interest and is competition neutral. The fees charged correspond to the actual costs and when choosing a contractor, the cost issue together with the service level is crucial.

The results of the activities will be reported to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and we will inform about the outcome on this website.

The entire recycling management of agricultural plastic products is financed by a fee that corresponds to the actual costs. Since the fee is paid directly at the time of purchase, it is then only necessary to leave your plastic at the collection point.

For a more environmentally friendly agriculture
Do you want to make a really good contribution with us for the environment, the climate and our children’s future? Sort your used agricultural plastic according to our rules and recycle it with our help. In this way, you save the earth’s resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions significantly.

Plastic is a resource and is recycled in Småland
The requirements for recycling are not only a environmental consideration, it is also about long-term resource management. The sorted plastic becomes a raw material for new plastic products!

In 2020, Swedish farmers left approximately 25,000 tonnes of plastic for recycling to SvepRetur.

Keep the fee down by sorting!