For more ecofriendly agriculture

Society is making increasingly stringent demands with regard to recycling, including stricter legislation. Burning plastic is illegal, as is burying it. There is thus only one really good solution: taking part in SvepRetur’s collection and recycling. Through SvepRetur, Sweden’s farmers, growers, horse-owners and others are offered the opportunity to hand in their plastic for recycling. A solution that is both simple and cost-effective and at the same time facilitates important environmental adaptation.

Plastic is a resource

Behind the demand for recycling is not only the environmental aspect but also long-term resource management. The used plastic could become a recyclable raw material for new plastic products and as plastic is based mainly on oil products it is a valuable fuel for Swedish heating plants.

Recycling charge paid on purchase

Collection is financed through a recycling charge imposed on the products that are included in the system. This charge is equivalent to the actual cost incurred. Once you have purchased your products you have already paid the recycling charge and there is then no further cost for handing in sorted plastic at a collection point for recycling.

Correct handling is important

To reduce the cost it is vital that the plastic is handled correctly. It is particularly important that the different types of plastic are sorted into different categories and they should be as dry and clean as possible. It is crucial that the material does not contain foreign objects such as stones, iron, soil or gravel. To ensure handling takes place as simply and correctly as possible it is best if sorting commences when the sack or drum is emptied or when the bale is first opened.

Continuous evaluation

The collection process is handled entirely by Kretslopp och Recycling i Sverige AB and our co-operation will be evaluated continuously. As part of this evaluation we hope for an open dialogue with the country’s farmers. We feel this is the best way of creating a system that is efficient, environmentally adapted and simple for everyone concerned.