For more ecofriendly agriculture

For a more environmentally friendly agriculture
Do you want to make a really good contribution with us for the environment, the climate and our children’s future? Sort your used agricultural plastic in the different fractions and separate white from colored plastic to recycle it with our help. In this way, you save the earth’s resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions significantly. It’s easy and it’s cost effective, you’ve already paid the recycling fee. Speaking of the fee, if you sort correctly, you will help to keep the fee down, because we do not need to hire someone to sort for you.

Plastic is a resource and is recycled in Småland
The requirements for recycling are not only environmental considerations, it is also about long-term resource management. The sorted plastic becomes a raw material for new plastic products!

In 2019, Swedish farmers left approximately 21,000 tonnes of plastic for recycling to SvepRetur. About 90% could be sold as raw material for new plastic products because it was correctly sorted. The material is mostly recycled by our contractor KRS in a recycling facility in Korsberga, Småland. There it becomes plastic granules that are sold and used for new plastic products.

What cannot currently be recycled in the plant is sold as raw material to other recycling plants in Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. For several years now, no used agricultural plastic has been sold to Asia.

You have already paid the recycling fee
When you bought the plastic, you also paid a recycling fee that finances the actual costs that are not covered by the income from the sale of granules.

Keep the fee down by sorting!
If you and everyone else continue to sort white separately and colored plastic separately, we can help keep the fee down. The white granules have a higher value than granules of mixed colors, so it is important that you do not mix any colored plastic into the white. The fact that KRS can offer as much white granulate as possible means that your fee will continue to be kept down. It is also important that the material is as dry and clean as possible and does not contain foreign objects such as stone, iron, soil, gravel and old silage.

You who have sorted the plastic according to the current rules and do not have the opportunity to quickly switch to the new rules, can of course leave the unsorted plastic as a colored fraction in 2020. This will then become colored granules.

Make it easy for you
In order for the handling to be simple and correct, it is an advantage if you start sorting at home immediately when the bag or container is emptied or the bale is opened. We suggest that you set aside a place under a roof to sort your agricultural plastic.

Continuous evaluation
All the collection work is handled by Kretslopp och Recycling i Sverige AB (KRS) and our collaboration is evaluated continuously. As part of this evaluation, we hope for an open dialogue with the country’s farmers. We see it as the best way to develop a system that is both efficient, environmentally friendly and easy for everyone involved. So when you want to give advice or feedback, do it via email to: