Industry organisation and materials company

Svensk Ensilageplast Retur is a non-profit industry association for manufacturers, importers and retailers of silage film, plastic bags and horticultural foil. The association works through its materials company to promote a convenient, environmentally adapted, recycling solution for farmers, growers, horse-owners and others. A voluntary solution such as this could mean that agriculture avoids future legislation. The operative side is handled by Svensk Ensilageplast Retur AB (SvepRetur), a materials company similar to the ones that exist for recyclable glass, newspapers etc.

Non-profit motive

SvepRetur it is run entirely on a non-profit basis and is not in competition with any other organisation. The charges debited correspond to the actual cost incurred and when choosing a contractor it is the cost and level of service that are the deciding factors.


SvepRetur aims to collect 70% of the plastic used in agriculture. Of all the plastic gathered at least 30% should be recycled, i.e. channelled back into the manufacturing of new products. The remainder goes to energy recovery, which means combustion where the energy is used for heating and electricity.

The operating results will be reported to the Swedish National Environmental Protection Agency and we will publish details of the outcome on this website.

Cost price

The company is owned by a non-profit industry organisation and works entirely on a non-profit basis. The whole of the recycling process for agricultural plastic products is financed through a charge corresponding to the actual cost incurred. As the charge is paid directly on purchase it is then simply a matter of handing in your plastic at the collection point. An order can be placed for plastic to be collected directly from the farm in conjunction with local collection. This can be done at or by phone on 0771 – 11 11 22 on payment of a supplement of SEK 2,450 south of a line between Gävle and Dalarna and SEK 3,250 north of this line.

PDF: Enviromental levy 2020